Apply for Funding

Every year, VKRF holds two open submissions for a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). The next deadline is September 14, 2016 at 11:59 pm, Pacific US Time. You can apply for funding in all program areas in this round. Please carefully review "What We Fund," "What We Do Not Fund," as well as the "Guidelines for Submitting Letters of Inquiry" before sending your LOI to

Often we receive feedback from applicants that express enormous disappointment that proposals are not funded. As we have a completely open application process, we receive an enormous number of good proposals. Please understand that the process is incredibly competitive with only a small fraction of the proposals receiving funds. Unfortunately this means that many worthy projects will not receive funding in any given round. 

Based on the Board’s evaluation of incoming LOIs, a very limited number of applicants will be invited to send in a full proposal. The review process is typically completed eight to ten weeks following the deadline.

What We Fund
What We Do Not Fund
Guidelines for Submitting Letters of Inquiry
Guidelines for Submitting Full Proposals
Guidelines for Submitting Reports